The aim of the program is:

  • To increase the capabilities and the capacity of the executives attending it, for a successful career and further development in the broader public sector and the non-governmental organizations, claiming a leading role in this sector.
  • To equip these executives with specialized knowledge, analytical capabilities and skills, in order to be able to provide appropriate and practical solutions to the complex problems of the broader public sector, to plan those policies which promote efficacy and public interest, and also to develop a leading role in the promotion and effective implementation of these policies.

This program is addressed to:

  • Graduates of Greek and Foreign Universities who already work in the broader public sector and non-governmental organizations (e.g. Public sector, Public Companies and Organizations, Local Government, Social Services, Non-Profit Organizations).
  • Executives with a broader professional experience in other sectors, who are interested in and aim to undertake a role in this sector in the future.

The program emphasizes multidisciplinary analysis, critical thinking and practical implementation. For this reason, it employs case studies from the public management sector, as well as applications to actual problems of this sector. It provides conceptual frameworks, tools and methods, develops skills and promotes complex educational processes and development of leadership skills.