“The postgraduate program in Public Policy and Public Management of the Athens University of Economics and Business has exceeded my expectations and my hopes. The combination of exams and assignments was ideal, because it did not only allow me to practice what we were taught in class, but also get to know better the organization I was working for. At least two of the assignments I elaborated in the context of my postgraduate studies, brought me into contact with a big number of people at a European level and opened the doors for interesting programs and collaborations, which I could not even imagine when I began the postgraduate program.”

Dr Ino Agrafioti, Scientific Officer, Centre national de la recherche scientifique (CNRS), Paris, France


“This postgraduate program is designed to combine both theoretical training in specialized disciplines of the political science and economics and the critical analysis of case studies regarding the present and the future of Public Management. As the General Manager of Customs and Special Consumption Duties, I was given the opportunity to utilize, on one hand the knowledge and on the other hand the concern arising through the fruitful dialogue which took place in the context of the program, especially regarding the indicated models of Public Management reforms.”

Irini Gialouri, General Manager of Customs & Special Consumption Duties


“The Interdisciplinary Postgraduate Program in Public Policy and Public Management has contributed in acquiring knowledge which allows the modeling and the analysis of policies as well as the designing of innovative solutions to problems relating to the broader public sector. I believe that the combination of knowledge from various scientific fields, as well as the interaction with fellow students with different occupational backgrounds, are important resources facilitating the production of advanced knowledge and ideas, and their implementation through cooperation schemes.”

Anastasios Zafiropoulos, PhD, MSc, Senior R&D Architect, UBITECH Ltd.


“With my participation in this postgraduate program of the Athens University of Economics and Business, apart from the strong academic background which I obtained, I also obtained something more valuable: The personal acquaintance and the exchange of knowledge with my fellow students, excellent characters and very capable executives of the broader public management sector. This two-way exchange of knowledge and experience was also supported by the faculty, giving the whole program a really innovative character, strongly enhancing its potential and making it equal –if not better– to respective postgraduate programs of universities abroad. I feel very fortunate for being a member of this family and this is why I consider this postgraduate program very valuable!”

Georgios Prahalias, Major, Department Head of Geographical Politics, Hellenic Army General Staff, MSc, PhD Candidate at the National Kapodistrian University of Athens

“A high level postgraduate program, different from the others, with a targeted program of studies, a wide range of modules and remarkable professors. A unique overall experience through which essential knowledge was obtained and skills were developed, and all that in an environment of pleasant cooperation and communication.”

Aspasia Sverkou, Graduate of the National School of Public Administration, Employee at the Ministry of Finance, Infrastructure, Shipping and Tourism