According to the program of studies, the first year consists of required modules, common for all students. The goal of the first year’s required modules is to provide knowledge and skills of the general background that Public Management executives need in order to manage effectively.

The second year consists of:

Required modules per direction, which set a framework of specialization in the sectors of either Public Policy or Public Management.

Elective modules, allowing the students to expand their knowledge and skills in different aspects of Public Management and the areas they are interested in.

Postgraduate thesis: with the elaboration of a postgraduate thesis, the student is able to study a specific subject in his work area or in an organization belonging in the area of his interest. The thesis is supervised by a faculty member and presented before a two-membered faculty committee.

Instead of elaborating a postgraduate thesis, students will have the option of selecting 4 modules from the list of elective modules.

For more information, you can refer to the program of studies and the regulation of studies.