Dear Candidate,

With the two year post graduate program (MSc) in Public Policy and Public Management, we aim to provide executives from the broader public sector and other organizations, with the opportunity to expand their knowledge and develop their skills. In a period when public management must be upgraded and essentially contribute to our country’s competitiveness, a high level education constitutes the most important factor. This post graduate program is being organized by three Departments of the Athens University of Economics and Business, which have demonstrably offered undergraduate and postgraduate studies of high level to the Greek society. The program of studies and the scientific level of the professors are an indication of the Program’s quality and the contribution that the Athens University of Economics and Business can have in modern governance.

The program has been designed in a way to equip the executives attending it with conceptual frameworks, methods and techniques for the analysis of public policy issues, problems and decisions. To enhance not only the knowledge and the analytical skills of the executives but also their capacities and skills in management. The Program applies modern teaching methods which are based on actual case studies and practical applications, while it also mobilizes broader learning processes, in direct contact with the real problems and the developments in the public policy and management sector.

Our goal is to develop executives who will be able to examine complex problems, formulate solutions and implementation programs; who will not be limited only to their analysis but will expand to qualitative aspects of implementation related to the human dimension, the creation of a supportive environment, and the promotion of consent for implementation of the solutions. We want to develop capable future leaders, who have trust in themselves, in their judgment, in their capabilities.

The demands from public services, for better services to the citizen today, are increasing and becoming more complex. In this environment, successful executives cannot be only administrators or modern managers. They mainly need to be leaders. We want to contribute in the development of these leaders.

If your professional goal is success and distinction in the broader public sector, then you should invest in the postgraduate program of Public Policy and Public Management of the Athens University of Economics and Business. A unique program, with distinctive features which differentiate it from other programs. A program offering options according to your interests and opportunities for your effective development.

Professor Dimitrios Christopoulos
Program Director