Quality Assurance Policy

The quality assurance policy of the MSc in Public Policy and Public Management is fully harmonized with the quality assurance policy of the Foundation and focuses on the continuous improvement of the quality of its curriculum, educational, research and administrative work . The Program’s  policy is made public and disseminated to its involved members, so that its academic and administrative staff as well as its students take responsibility for quality assurance in accordance with their assigned role. The Program is committed to the implementation of a quality policy that supports the academic profile and orientation of its study programs, promotes their purpose and objects, sets, implements and monitors quality objectives, determines the means, actions and ways of achieving them , and implements the indicated internal and external quality procedures with the ultimate goal of its continuous improvement. In particular, the implementation of the Program’s quality policy presupposes the implementation of quality procedures which ensure:

  • the appropriateness of the structure and organization of the BMS,
  • the development and improvement of the existing curriculum taking into account current developments in the field of science,
  • the pursuit of learning outcomes and qualifications in accordance with the European and National Framework of Higher Education Qualifications,
  • the promotion of the quality and efficiency of the teaching work, o the promotion of the quality and quantity of the research work of the teachers at the Program,
  • the suitability of the qualifications of the teaching staff, o the interconnection of teaching with research, integrating the needs of the labor market,
  • the drafting, implementation and monitoring of annual quality targets for the improvement of the study program,
  • the level of demand for the acquired qualifications of graduates in the labor market,
  • the provision of quality and digitally developed services to students,
  • the carrying out of the annual internal evaluation of the MSc within the framework of the Internal Quality Assurance System (IQAS) with the cooperation of the OMEA of the Department and the MODIP of the Foundation.
  • the expansion and utilization of the partnerships of the MSc in order to strengthen its profile and its contribution to the progress and improvement of society.


Evaluation by Graduate Students

The Course/Teaching evaluation aims at the continuous improvement of the study programs and the teaching work of the MSc and the University in general.

The evaluation is carried out by filling in a special questionnaire that has been drawn up for this purpose. The Course/Teaching evaluation questionnaire is completed by the students. The online course/teaching evaluation at PMS is conducted exclusively on the day when the last lecture of each course takes place. It is optional and anonymous.


Institution of Academic Advisor

The MSc in Public Policy and Public Management has instituted the existence of an Academic Study Advisor (tutor), according to the decision of the 4th Meeting of the Study Program Committee on 07.12.2022. The institution of the Counselor was established to guide students throughout their studies in various matters, such as the choice of direction and courses but also any difficulties in completing their studies. More specifically, the study advisor has the obligation to inform, discuss and advise students regarding:

  • the structure of the curriculum and the content of the courses so that students understand the requirements for their successful completion,
  • the content of elective courses so that students can choose courses that are closer to their personal and academic interests,
  • matters concerning the successful participation in the exams as well as the results of the exams,
  • the choice of thesis topic,
  • the professional prospects of the students,
  • any other matter raised by the student that may be related to or affect his/her studies.